"Off-market." It's what all buyers say they want. It's human nature to want what not everybody can have. And in this low-inventory environment, having access to off-market listings can be a real boon to buyers, especially if they don't want to compete against hordes of other buyers in the dreaded "multiple offer scenario," with a "best and final" round that leaves them with no idea of what they need to do to secure the deal.

But what about sellers? Well, I always tell my sellers that the only way to know FOR SURE that they have gotten the best possible price for their house is to prepare and present the home as well as possible, which may include painting, de-cluttering and possibly staging, and to have me list it on the MLS and market the heck out of it online and off, hold open houses, and accommodate showings at times convenient to buyers. This strategy, when a house is priced correctly, tends to generate multiple offers for the seller to pick from, leading to the highest possible final price. But sometimes, a seller doesn't want to go through any of that, and if a buyer is willing to give them acceptable price and terms, they will sell off market. 

That's what happened with my latest sale in Crestview - 1657 S Bedford St, Los Angeles, CA 90035. As soon as I met with the sellers, I knew I had the perfect buyer for the home. The sellers got the price and terms they were happy with, and the buyers got a home they loved with a price and terms that also worked for them. And they had the security of knowing the house was theirs and they didn't have to compete. Win-win!

If you'd like to discuss selling your home off-market (or on), or getting on my list for off-market properties, just email me at [email protected], call or text me at 213-280-9120. Because here's the deal - you can't get a deal unless you know about the deal.